Muncie Insurance

Here at Muncie Insurance, our goal is to provide you with fair policies, reliable advice, and a sense of security that will help your family live well and thrive!

Meet the Team

Marvin Muncie Jr


I’m a graduate of Ohio State University. I hold a CLU designation as well as CPCU and MDRT. Here at Muncie Insurance, we are a Hall of Fame agency, as well as All Star, Presidents, and Campion qualifier. All that means is we are nationally recognized as one of the best insurance agencies in the country. We teach people how to save money on insurance, sometimes thousands of dollars, and it’s a thrill to see the faces of people’s lives we change.

When I’m not working, I like to travel, workout, fish, hit the beaches, and most recently I’m into frisbee golf. I’ve recently started taking the train out of Wilmington on short hops to different places like Philly or New York. Makes for fun weekends when our beaches are so packed. Regarding volunteer activities, I’m a member of Bayshore Community Church in Rehoboth. I’ve been on two missions to the Dominican Republic with them building a shelter for abused women.

Marv Muncie

Senior Vice President

I went to high school in western Maryland before moving to southern Delaware 25 years ago. I graduated from Wilmington University with a degree in finance. Regarding my insurance expertise, I have been an insurance agent for almost 25 years. What most excites me about my job is helping families in my community be properly protected with their financial well-being and helping them prepare for unknowns in the future.

I am a music lover, and enjoy many varieties of music, from classic rock to heavy metal. I have played the violin since I was a child and love playing on my electric violin still today. I enjoy cooking all types of dishes, but my favorite is my chili that I have been perfecting for many years and have won several chili competitions with. My biggest love and joy in life is spending time with my two boys, going to the beach or swimming pool or playing a video game with them.

Kevin Donovan

Associate Vice President

I grew up in Sussex County Delaware and have a degree in Culinary Arts. I have 17 years with Muncie Insurance and started out as a customer service representative. The thing I like most about my job is meeting customer goals and satisfying customers’ needs.

I really enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I have some hobbies. For example, in my past, I liked to decorate wedding cakes!

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Amanda Wyatt

Agency Manager

I was born in Lewes, Delaware. Shortly after, I moved to Wilmington, Delaware. I returned to Sussex County when I was 10 and have lived here since. I have worked in the insurance industry for 7 years. What I most enjoy about my job is the relationships I have with my customers. I always try to educate my customers about insurance so they have a good understanding of their coverage.
My hobbies are cooking and baking. I really love it. I am always trying out a new recipe. Most weekends I spend with my family. We like to go crabbing, fishing, and swimming. I also like to have barbeques for my family.

(302) 990-8607

Rena Daniels

Agency Manager

I was born in Dover, Delaware. I have a certification in Leadership Development and my Associate’s Degree in Business Management. Regarding my work experience, I have over 20 years of management and customer service experience. I am a licensed insurance agent with Muncie Insurance and Financial Services. What most excites me about my work are the clients and my co-workers. Here at Muncie Insurance, we strive to provide the best customer service we can to the communities we serve. What I most enjoy personally is the impact I make on a daily basis with our clients. I strive to not only save our clients money but to provide them with the best coverage possible.

I have to say the one thing I love is watching scary movies in the dark with a big bowl of chocolate ice cream. When I not working, you can find me at a campground or by a lake fishing. I love the outdoors!

(302) 990-1090

Honey Schultz


I grew up in Seaford, Delaware. I have had nothing but great experiences since I started working in the insurance industry. Something I really enjoy about my job is learning new things and I feel this makes me better at my job. I enjoy spending time with my family. So, whenever I’m not at work, I’m doing that!

(302) 629-9414

Nadene M. Jefferson

Licensed Agent (DE/MD)/Admin. Assistant

I was born & raised in Easton, PA. I have been in the Insurance Industry since coming to work for Muncie Insurance back in 2014. What most excited me about my job is coming to work each day knowing I will make a difference in someone’s life.

Fun facts about me: I love traveling & experiencing new things with my husband! I also enjoy interior design- creating something special. I hate to admit it, but I love watching Reality TV shows, such as; Housewives, Cartel Crew, etc…  and of course, I enjoy spending time with my family.

(302) 629-9414

Shanika L. Ross

Customer Service Agent

I was born, raised, and educated in Seaford Delaware. Sussex County to the Heart!! Before coming to Muncie Insurance I did not have any prior insurance experience. What excites me most about this job are the various customers that are served daily as well as the knowledge that is shared. What excites me most about this job are the various customers that are served daily as well as the knowledge that is shared.

I really enjoy family and friends, and the time spent with everyone making beautiful memories. Some fun facts about me are that I love to bowl, relax on the beach or near water quietly, and I LOVE music and singing to myself. When I’m not working I can be found close to home or near some sort of water relaxing

(302) 629-9414

Lakisha Cannon

Customer Service Representative

I was born in Delaware. I moved to Maryland at the beginning of my youth. Then, I moved to Connecticut for a short time period followed by a move to Florida. Afterward, I returned to reside in Delaware. Regarding my professional career, I previously had experience as an insurance agent and moved to a different field. I have returned and started back in the insurance industry as a customer service representative to work towards becoming an insurance agent. The incentive to learn and to learn the next day more than the previous day excites me. I have always been in customer service. So for me, to be able to help someone with anything pertaining to their insurance not only benefits them but myself also. I believe the contribution that I can make is helping others in more ways than one and in that same aspect teaching myself that it works hand in hand.

Personally, I enjoy the human connection. An interest that not a lot of people or customers know about is that I love to read and write. I have slacked off, but I used to write poetry. My college degrees to complete are nursing and elementary education, so my elementary education goal was teaching.

My favorite way to spend a weekend is with my family and it doesn’t matter what we do, as long as we are together. I also like to help others! Non-profits that I am passionate about are related to reading.