Lakisha Cannon

I was born in Delaware. I moved to Maryland at the beginning of my youth. Then, I moved to Connecticut for a short time period followed by a move to Florida. Afterward, I returned to reside in Delaware. Regarding my professional career, I previously had experience as an insurance agent and moved to a different field. I have returned and started back in the insurance industry as a customer service representative to work towards becoming an insurance agent. The incentive to learn and to learn the next day more than the previous day excites me. I have always been in customer service. So for me, to be able to help someone with anything pertaining to their insurance not only benefits them but myself also. I believe the contribution that I can make is helping others in more ways than one and in that same aspect teaching myself that it works hand in hand.

Personally, I enjoy the human connection. An interest that not a lot of people or customers know about is that I love to read and write. I have slacked off, but I used to write poetry. My college degrees to complete are nursing and elementary education, so my elementary education goal was teaching.

My favorite way to spend a weekend is with my family and it doesn’t matter what we do, as long as we are together. I also like to help others! Non-profits that I am passionate about are related to reading.