Why Commercial Auto Insurance? (Seaford, DE)

The following are some of the key elements of commercial auto insurance coverage, which in many ways is like what you may have on your personal auto. It can cover collision, comprehensive liability, uninsured, motorists, et cetera. However, there are other important coverage options you do need to be aware of. For example, when employees use their personal vehicles in your business or you rent specific vehicles, how are you protected? We can guide you through these and other common business auto coverage weaknesses. We uncover too often. The most significant difference between commercial and personal auto are the factors used in developing the premium? They include, how are the driving records of your employees? This can have a positive or very negative effect on your premium. We can guide you to ways to help reduce costs in this area. How are the vehicles used? Are they on the road most of the day or do they remain at specific job sites? Are employees allowed to take vehicles home at night? What are the gross vehicle weights for rating purposes? Vehicles are normally rated from light up to extra heavy, heavier, the higher the premium? What are the traveling distances? Of the vehicles? Is it mostly local, regional or across several states? Do your vehicles have any special attached equipment? These are some of the questions used in developing your policy protection and ones you should be prepared to answer when looking at your commercial auto coverage options.

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What Auto Insurance Limits Should I Have? (Seaford, DE)

Liability insurance is the only type of car insurance required by law. And for good reason, liability coverage pays for the damage you do when you collide with another automobile. While situations will vary between people of different means,. A smart way to gauge the level of liability insurance you should have on your car is by looking at car costs. The average cost of a new car is just under $50,000 while not all cars on the road are worth this much. It’s a good minimum for your liability coverage. But what if you’re in an accident and the other person is injured? Medical care is expensive and a car injury can easily generate more than $200,000 in costs to cover both. Consider keeping liability coverage around $250,000. And remember you can always lower your premiums by raising your deductible before making a final choice on how much coverage you need. Consider speaking with an insurance professional about your optimal liability coverage.

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Are Auto Insurance Rates Negotiable? (Seaford, DE)

Are auto insurance rates negotiable? Well, the short answer is no, auto insurance rates are generally not negotiable. However, there is more to this question than my short answer that I just gave you. So in truth, what most people want to know is how they can lower their auto insurance rates. Now, while the premiums that a carrier offers aren’t negotiable, there are actually other ways that you can knock that rate down. Auto insurance carriers determine their fees based on this really complex set of variables that include, you know, your driving record and, your age where you live. How many miles you drive in a month. Things like that mean that if you want lower insurance rates, then there are several things that you can do. For starters, you can drive fewer miles, which might mean, you know, carpooling or taking public transportation. Another great idea that you could do to lower those rates is to improve your driving record by going to driving school. As a matter of fact, some carriers will encourage you to take a defensive driving class in exchange for lower premiums. I’ve got to say, that a knowledgeable insurance agent can help you find ways to lower your premiums. So even though rates aren’t directly negotiable, there are definitely plenty of ways to save money on auto insurance.

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