Helping the Distressed Children to Survive

According to research, around 16.3 million children in the USA lack access to basic needs such as clothing, shelter, and food. This represents 18% of all US children and we have seen this number increase consistently year after year. That’s why our agency has decided to raise support for The Delaware Kids Fund an organization created to assist kids in distressed situations.
Children living under vulnerable conditions can develop a lack of self-esteem and feelings of being left out of their own communities. This poses a negative effect on their overall mental health. That’s where The Delaware Kids Fund comes into action- to provide financial support to meet the basic needs of children, offering counseling in situations that involve abuse, grief, violence, and/or addiction, and lastly, they work to increase academic opportunities through grants and scholarships.
Our team here at Muncie Insurance wants to encourage our customers and friends to support the work done by The Delaware Kids Fund and their mission to empower children in our communities who have been put through situations of extreme hardship and distress.
Ready to take the next step? Recommend your friends, family, and co-workers to receive an
insurance quote from us, and we’ll donate $10 for every person! All funds raised during our Community Cause Campaign will go directly to support and create a positive change in our community.
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